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Radio Sales & Hire
We are pleased to provide to clients a small fleet of the latest model two-way radios for hire. Can be short or long term, the equipment is new & well looked after – & they come with only the best accessories – from AHL! Contact us for hire rates now.

Impression Taking On-Site
For years AHL has had experienced staff travelling to all Capital cities of Australia taking precision ear impressions for clients for their Custom requirements. Call us to confirm our next visit to your area.

High Quality Wireless Video
AHL now produces a very high quality wireless video link – specifically for surveillance applications. Fully modular & using Nikon lens adaptors, the system is in regular use in the field & is receiving excellent reviews. Contact us for further info.

Repair Lab For All Types Of Equipment
Do you have broken electronic equipment lying around because it “can’t be fixed”? Often, lack of experience leads to other organization's lack of repair capability. We’ve got one of the most experienced Techs around. Contact us for a second opinion.

Product Development Services
We have, for a number of years, developed and tested new products for Surveillance Communications and other specific applications. If you require electronic product development, approach us for experienced and confidential services in this area.