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  Protective Security Kits

The Kit consists of a small circular hand held Push-To-Talk unit, with microphone built-in. A clothing clip secures the handpiece when not in use, and the PTT is easy to use – but hard to press by accident! The Received audio is sent to a custom made receiver with an extremely clear speech response pattern. This is then fed into the coiled-air-tube, which gives maximum movement capability and comfort for the user.

Protective Security Kits are an important component of an effective protection team. As protective Security relies heavily on communications, the AHL PSG KIT is an integral part of this team. The kit has been designed and refined in conjunction with some of the most experienced Close Personal Protections Agents in Australia. – personal references in support of this are available upon request.

Ideally, the operative will also use our Custom Moulded Earpiece with this system and the coiled tube fits onto this. However, the kit is supplied with 3 sizes of silicone ear tips which are also comfortable, cleanable and inexpensive to replace.