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  Covert Surveillance Kits
Our most succesfull product with thousands in use in Australia and overseas, our Covert Surveillance Kits have undergone a number of changes in the 8 years that we have offered this line.

The key to the success of this product has been our ability to offer fully custom made leads. Customers can choose:
- lead colour
- lead length
- head angles
- Microphone types, Push-To-Talk styles
- Output styles &
- Earpieces with many other options

Our Covert Surveillance Kits are covered by an 18 month warranty, and this includes accidental damage, up to, but not including, total destruction of the equipment. The equipment is fully repairable, and spare parts and service is available in person or by mail order.

It has been our experience, that customer service is as important in the supply of covert equipment as the product itself. At AHL, we take pride in offering the best customer services in the Covert Equipment Industry.

Our Laboratory is contactable from 8am - 6pm weekdays, with after hours contact also available.